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FAST STOP Annoucements

Who We Are

The FAST STOP brand is displayed on a regional chain of independently owned/operated convenience stores and unattended fueling sites across the Midwest.  The brand features a robust credit card program with state-of-the-art features for commercial and consumer accounts. 

Store Locator

Over 220 FAST STOP fueling stations dot the Midwest in rural and small-town America.  Use our convenient store locator to map a route or simply find a FAST STOP with the amenities you seek including a variety of quality fuels and automotive products for your family car or commercial fleet.  


The FAST STOP card is not just another credit card. We've equipped the FAST STOP card with useful features that others just can't offer.  Using our on-line portal, MyFuelCard.com, you can control what card is used when, where and for fuel, auto services and/or merchandise with detailed reporting at your fingertips. Learn more about how the FAST STOP card can benefit you.